Monday 21 December 2020, 12–1pm

Bringing people together for diverse land use


Monday 21 December 2020, 12–1pm


Webinar via Zoom

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Our Land and Water

Our vision is for a healthy, resilient land and water: an environment that will take care of us far into the future. To move towards this future, we need to work together to create and apply practical, common sense solutions.

In some catchments, diversification to mixed land uses will be a more pragmatic solution than applying all mitigations on all farms – especially where a collaborative approach to diversification can provide scale and access to markets and infrastructure. Join us to learn how our research is bringing together farmers, science and business, discovering how land managers can best communicate their vision for their land, and how farmers are benefitting from community support through change.


  • Phil Journeax, agricultural economist at AgFirst and co-lead of the Rural Professionals Fund project ‘Facilitating farmer economic understanding of alternative land uses and the barriers to adaptation and land use change’, will talk about why farmers are interested in exploring new land use opportunities
    >> View Phil's slides
  • Susan Goodfellow, director of Leftfield Innovation and case study lead in the Next Generation Systems research programme, will tell us how Leftfield Innovation is bringing together farmers, science and business to provide food that meets customer expectations for taste, health and environment.
    >> View Susan's slides (NB Not all were displayed on-screen in video below)
  • Sam Lang, manager of Quorum Sense and co-lead of our Regenerative Agriculture report, will discuss how he sees the regenerative farmer collective supporting each other to make change
    >> View Sam's slides
  • Te Taru White of the Pohewa Pae Tawhiti programme on how this research will help land managers communicate their vision for land use change.

The Better Together webinar series

Our Land and Water invites you to four webinars to share research that brings together people, data, business and communities to responsibly care for our land and water.

Webinar 1: The vision
More diverse, resilient, healthy landscapes by 2030
Monday 30 November, 12–1pm

Webinar 2: The challenge
What the data tells us about our water
Monday 7 December, 12–1pm

Webinar 3: The solutions (part 1)
Connecting communities for effective farm plans
Monday 14 December, 12–1pm

Webinar 4: The solutions (part 2)
Bringing people together for diverse land use
Monday 21 December, 12–1pm

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