Kuaha Matihiko: Digital Gateway

A digital gateway to data and tools that is user-friendly, open-access, inclusive, collaborative and trustworthy

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Project Details Ngā taipitopito

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July 2022 – December 2023

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What are we doing?E aha ana mātou?

A new digital gateway is needed to give all New Zealanders transparent access to trusted data sources.

Land and water data can be inaccessible, expensive, hard to find, or not publicly available. This research aims to create a digital gateway to data and tools that is user-friendly, open-access, inclusive, collaborative, and trustworthy.

Called Kuaha Matihiko, the digital gateway aims to consolidate access to disparate systems and data layers behind a single ‘shop-front’ that enables people to both access and contribute data.

A ‘minimum viable product’ online platform will be developed.

The project will be highly participatory, with the gateway co-designed through wānanga and engagement with Māori, local and central government, and other stakeholders, to ensure that Kuaha Matihiko is relevant and attractive to various groups to meet their needs.

How can the research be used? Ka pēhea e whai take ai te rangahau?

  • Kuaha Matihiko will bring together disparate datasets, enabling people to both contribute and access data. It will be a web-based platform, with an API (Application Programming Interface) and mapping services, that enables users to download or import relevant land or water data. It will be open-source and designed to be attractive to various groups.
  • The project will work across scales, but several case studies will take a ‘bottom up’ approach through engagement with Māori landowners and community groups as potential end users. This will identify needs and opportunities that will be worked through by the research team. For example, the digital platform could potentially be used to record land parcel scale data, which could be used for integrated farm planning, and communicating with existing tools (such as FarmIQ, Mitigator, Overseer), and could also assist Māori with realising the economic potential of their land.
  • Within the 18 months of this research project, a functional ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP) online platform will be developed, and a clear business case will be developed for its continuation and extension. The business case will detail the partnerships and funding streams required for full development of the platform.
  • Case studies will provide concrete examples of how to access and utilise data and adapt the platform to address practical needs of groups such as hapū and iwi, regional authorities and central government.
  • Social media platforms will be used to connect Kuaha Matihiko to its customers, supported by students from Pūhoro STEMM Academy who will provide a sounding board for social media use to grow a user base for the platform.

Participation & engagement Te hunga i whai wāhi mai

  • This programme will take a wānanga and engagement-focused approach to its research. This will explore how co-management and power-sharing among stakeholder groups can be implemented through co-design of the data gateway.
  • Wānanga throughout the research programme will bring together mana whenua, hapū, iwi, local authorities, central government, and other interested stakeholders, to share kōrero and knowledge. These wānanga will enable champions for the gateway to be identified and educated, and will help disseminate the research findings, creating greater impact for Māori communities.
  • Researchers will engage with different stakeholder groups in person and through online workshops to review and test the accessibility, uptake, suitability, viability and feasibility of the data gateway.

Research team Te hunga i whai wāhi mai

Co-Project Lead
Adrian Cookson
Co-Project Lead/Implementation Lead
Aaron McCallion
Waka Digital
DerryLea Hardy
Massey University
Matthew Henry
Massey University
Lee Tane

Tools & resources Ngā utauta me ngā rauemi

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Interactive Tool

Find Data platform

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