Webinar series
December 2020


More diverse, resilient, healthy landscapes by 2030

Farmers, growers and all those who care for our land want to help build a resilient, healthy and thriving agri-food and fibre system. The role of Our Land and Water’s research is to connect and work with land stewards, iwi and organisations to design practical new options, incentives and pathways towards this future, and provide confidence that decisions on land-use change and management will lead to improvement in te Taiao.

This webinar discusses what our future landscapes can look like when scientists, farmers, growers, iwi, eaters and businesses work together to respond pragmatically and effectively to environmental degradation.

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What the data tells us about our water

By bringing together multiple data sources, we can now see which catchments are under the most pressure, and whether applying all known and emerging on-farm mitigations will ease this pressure by 2035. We can also say just how much better today’s water quality is, thanks to pragmatic and effective action by many land managers to care for the land over the past 20 years, compared to a scenario where no action was taken while the same intensification occurred. A pragmatic response to this data means accelerating this work and continuing to follow the research to undertake new responses.

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Connecting communities for effective farm plans

Land use intensification and the degradation of water quality was enabled by a system that considered all farms separately, despite their cumulative effects on water quality. What we need now is a new, collective approach in our solutions. In a lot of New Zealand catchments, water quality goals will be met by bringing people who care for and work the land together to design integrated farm environment plans based on shared sub-catchment objectives.

In this webinar the leads of 3 research projects talk about how mitigations can be brought together and prioritised as an effective integrated farm environment plan.

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Bringing people together for diverse land use

In some catchments, diversification to mixed land uses will be a more pragmatic solution than applying all mitigations on all farms – especially where a collaborative approach to diversification can provide scale and access to markets and infrastructure.

Watch this webinar to learn how our research is bringing together farmers, science and business, discovering how land managers can best communicate their vision for their land, and how farmers are benefitting from community support through change.

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