Our Land and Water is funding its second phase of research, to be completed between July 2019 and June 2024.

Wai Ora Whenua Ora Tangataora Pdf

Our research priorities are outlined in our Future Strategy for 2019-2024, Wai Ora, Whenua Ora, Tangata Ora.

Our strategy outlines Our Land and Water’s vision of a future in which catchments contain mosaics of land uses that are more resilient, healthy and prosperous than they are today.

Our research areas focus on 3 future state goals

We measure our progress towards these outcomes with a clear plan to extend the legacy of Challenge research and impact beyond its scheduled end in 2024.

Decisions on land-use change and management practises can be made with confidence that they will lead to improvement in te Taiao.

New incentive approaches and value chains are motivating people and organisations to make better decisions for te Taiao.

New options and pathways to enhance te Taiao are being explored by land stewards and organisations in the agri-food and fibre system.

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