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Farming for Good is a research collection that explores our sense of connection with farming in Aotearoa New Zealand.

It's about supporting everyday people and leaders across our communities, farming sector and government, to build trust in our food and farming system.

E hara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini

The success should not be bestowed onto me alone, it is the success of a collective

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The Food & Farming People’s Panel

Everyday New Zealanders discuss the food & farming issues that matter.

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Mangaroa Farms

A resilient community food & farming hub.

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About Farming for Good

Farming for Good is about better understanding the many ways that everyday people connect to food and farming.

It's an issue that doesn't standstill. People's sense of connection to the whenua (land) and trust in their food & farming system is an ongoing negotiation. As practices, perceptions, trends, tools and crises change, so does this special relationship.

Through surveys, interviews, case studies and action pathways, the Farming for Good collection explores five perspectives on building trust and connection in food and farming.

Drawing from research conducted during 2022 and 2023 exploring the social licence of farming, the collection is published at a time of heightened interest in where our food & fibre starts. We're seeing increasing public scrutiny of the environmental impacts of production, new government regulations, food accessibility issues, extreme weather events and more. The research tells us how people feel about these and other changes in their food & farming system. It shows us where trust and connection is strong, where it might be faltering and how to build it back.

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