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Social Licence to Farm, and ‘Good Farming’: Public Views

February 2024

This fact sheet explores the public’s perceptions of a social licence to farm and how it relates to ‘good farming’, based on 2023 survey results.

Takeaways for farmers:

  • A majority of the general public considers farmers to be ‘good’ at what they do.
  • Producers and consumers share a mutually beneficial relationship. Many respondents feel a close association to the farmers that produce their food.
  • Clear, concise communication and transparency of on-farm practices could lead to more support and acceptance from the general public now and in the future.
  • Where possible, actively pursue environmentally safe practices that care for the land and waterways in a sustainable way.
  • Farmers being compliant with regulation and striving to improve profitability in the primary industry without sacrificing environmental gains could improve public perceptions of farmers.
  • Perceptions can become reality in a heartbeat, so it is worth working to ensure the public maintains a positive perception of what farmers do (social licence).
  • Farmers who openly share their experiences are likely to be well received by the general public. Collectively this could significantly influence public opinion.

Fact sheet for farmers

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