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Discover new ways to take care of your land and protect your sustainable farming legacy. Put these resources into action and farm with pride, knowing you’re applying the best new knowledge to care for your environment and community.

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Connecting NZ Food & NZ Farmers to the World

Central Plains Water farmer meeting, December 2018
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Technical Report

The Case for a Novel Edible Nut Agroforestry System

This paper reviews the case for a novel agroforestry system in the Rotorua lakes catchments, based on an interest in trees that can produce edible…
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What You Can Do In Your Catchment

A catchment, or whaitua, is an area of land where rain flows into a common river, lake or other body of water. A healthy water…
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Six ‘Star’ Grain and Legume Crops for NZ Farmers: Specialty Grains and Pulses Report

The Specialty Grains & Pulses Report identifies opportunities to expand the grain and pulse crops grown in New Zealand. The research team identified six crops…
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Technical Report

Pulses and Grains Consumer Insights Report

This consumer insights summary is based on 1 x distributor interview, 14 x business to business interviews (retailers, manufacturers and influencers), 1 consumer focus group…
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Cathy Taite-Jamieson and BioFarm: Dairy Farming with Nature in the Manawatū

Her organic BioFarm yoghurt is available in most supermarkets in Aotearoa but she only milks around 100 cows. Read more here about the Māori and…
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Futureproofing for our Grandchildren: Onenui Station, Tawapata South Inc

Read about a sheep and beef station on an East Coast Peninsula who express kaitiakitanga by diversifying their land-use practices and by entering into collaborations…
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Scenario Model to Reduce Both GHG Emissions and Nitrogen Leaching on Dairy Farms

The Credence Attributes On-Farm research project modelled several scenarios to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on an average Waikato dairy farm. The model found one path…
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Technical Report

Climate change impacts on land use suitability

This report aims to assist land managers and natural resource planners to assess the resilience of agricultural land uses across New Zealand and to inform…
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Technical Report

Farm Soil Health: assessment across a forestry to pasture chronosequence

Ngai Tahu farming have the goal to maintain the life sustaining capacity of soils during the change from forestry (P. radiata) to pasture agriculture. Sites…
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Farm Soil Health: Healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy people

This visual summary document contains several infographics that show a general improvement in soil health as land-use changed from forestry to pasture. Monitoring and management…
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Climate Change Impacts on Land Use Suitability – webinar

This webinar discusses the potential impacts of climate change on pastoral, arable and horticultural farm systems, and appropriate adaptation measures. Anne-Gaelle is leading the Climate…
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