Documents and publications about the Our Land and Water National Science Challenge

Wai Ora, Whenua Ora, Tangata Ora

Our strategy outlines Our Land and Water’s vision of a future in which catchments contain mosaics of land uses that are more resilient, healthy and prosperous than they are today.

Annual Report

The National Science Challenges provide annual reporting directly to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. From 2019, we have produced a summary of this annual report for those interested in Our Land and Water research.

Principles and Policies

The Our Land and Water National Science Challenge recognises that in negotiating the complex economic, environmental, social and cultural dimensions of New Zealand’s land and water issues it needs to undertake its research in innovative and impactful ways. Our Challenge principles, criteria and expectations are intended to clarify our approach to science delivery.

Land and Water Research Landscape Maps

Our Research Landscape Map assesses the impact of current research on land and water contributing to our mission. This document can be used by other CRIs and central government to inform their own strategies and investment.

An Excel spreadsheet listing all research programmes aligned to Our Land and Water is available on request.

National Science Challenges and Wai 262

This guide, produced by the Rauika Mangai, provides a baseline for how scientists and researchers must work with Māori communities.

National Science Challenges and the SDGs

A review of New Zealand's commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Submitting a Research Proposal

If you would like to submit a research proposal, find the standard template below. We strongly recommend talking to us about your idea before completing the template.

Note that some request-for-proposal processes will vary from this template, so please use the specific proposal form when responding to RFPs. Find any current research opportunities, EoIs or RPFs on the Research Opportunities page.

Our Land and Water Research Book 2018

A summary of our key Phase 1 research programmes and projects.

Highlights from the National Science Challenges (2018)

This publication highlights the progress of all 11 National Science Challenges and showcases examples of their research in 2016/17.

Our Land and Water Strategy Landscape Map 2017

Our Strategy Landscape Map collates the strategic goals and activities of 53 stakeholder organisations, and assesses their alignment with the mission of Our Land and Water. This document has been used by other CRIs and central government to inform their own strategies and investment

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