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We're finding pathways to future farming.
Our mission is to preserve the most fundamental treasures of Aotearoa – its land and water – while producing value from those same treasures.

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Interactive Tool

Kawakawa health products in Japan

Online tool to access and analyse results of a survey of health product consumers in Japan about their consumer behaviour, preferences, technology use, understanding of…
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Journal Article

Assessing the Yield and Load of Contaminants with Stream Order: Would Policy Requiring Livestock to Be Fenced Out of High-Order Streams Decrease Catchment Contaminant Loads?

This paper won the JEQ Best Paper Award 2019. Concentration and flow data for 1998 to 2009 were used to calculate catchment load and yields…
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Technical Report

Biological test of soil health using molecular techniques: Final report

During the feasibility stage of the project, we were able to identify suitable primers for the most common earthworms found within each earthworm ecological group…
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Journal Article

Soil hydraulic modelling outcomes with four parameterization methods: Comparing soil description and data inversion approaches

Different methods for parameterizing soil hydraulic models can lead to substantially varied predictions of soil–plant–atmosphere water fluxes. This study investigated, for a heterogeneous stony soil,…
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Timothy Firkin, videographer, films Alison Dewes, lead of the project Retiring Farmland Ngahere

Retiring Farmland into Ngahere

Restoring Aotearoa together: Triple the area, at one-third the cost
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This project has produced
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Benign denitrification in shallow groundwaters

Land Use and Water Quality Agriculture and the Environment, Denmark, June 2019
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Project Summary: Bananas on Northland Dairy Farms

This article summarises the results of a Rural Professionals Fund project that aimed to investigate whether growing bananas on Northland dairy farms has the potential…
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Journal Article

Quantifying contaminant losses to water from pastoral land uses in NZ II: The effects of some farm mitigation actions over the past two decades

In New Zealand the primary sector together with central and local government agencies have been promoting measures to mitigate the adverse effect of farming practices…
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Next Generation Influencers

Next Generation Influencers

This was a one-year programme to develop the capability of influential, innovative future leaders.
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