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We're finding pathways to future farming.
Our mission is to preserve the most fundamental treasures of Aotearoa – its land and water – while producing value from those same treasures.

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Physiographic Environments Of Nz 2

Physiographic Environments of New Zealand

Integrating landscape process knowledge with water chemistry to understand how and why surface water quality varies across New Zealand
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Adaptation of water eutrophication indicators for EU environmental footprinting of NZ products

To address impacts on freshwater eutrophication, it is paramount that both N and P are accounted for. The current recommendation from the EC for Product…
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Journal Article

A hydrochemically guided landscape classification system for modelling spatial variation in multiple water quality indices: Process-attribute mapping

Spatial variation in landscape attributes can account for much of the variability in water quality relative to land use on its own. Such variation results…
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Journal Article

Testing indicators of resilience for rural communities

The resilience of rural communities is a concern, both in itself and for its effects on the agricultural sector. This article investigates the possibility of…
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Journal Article

Water quality issues facing dairy farming: potential natural and built attenuation of nitrate losses in sensitive agricultural catchments

We developed a conceptual catchment-scale modelling analysis assessing potential natural and built attenuation of nitrate losses from dairy farming in the Tararua and Rangitikei catchments…
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Technical Report

Place-based approaches to assessing the impact of regenerative agriculture in NZ

Research on regenerative agriculture in New Zealand might benefit some regions more than others, finds this report. Regions that are likely to experience the effects…
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Refinement of the Framework for Assessment of Recreational Water Quality

Regional and city council staff now have a documented process to follow when faecal contamination is identified in freshwater, created by ESR researchers involved in…
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Shared Vision Marlborough

Shared Vision for Land Use in Marlborough

Place-based diversification: How can we develop pathways to transition to diversified shared landscapes?
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Pasture For Humans

Pasture for Humans

Land-use change through harvested pasture proteins
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