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We're finding pathways to future farming.
Our mission is to preserve the most fundamental treasures of Aotearoa – its land and water – while producing value from those same treasures.

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Summer salads for hill country cattle

As climate variability increases, farmers need resilient summer forage crops. With pasture quality falling during mid- and late-summer this project explored mixed-species, single-graze forage crops…
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Journal Article

Testing indicators of resilience for rural communities

The resilience of rural communities is a concern, both in itself and for its effects on the agricultural sector. This article investigates the possibility of…
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Journal Article

Indigenous entrepreneurship in Aotearoa New Zealand

This research is a contribution to theory and to indigenous community entrepreneurship in demonstrating what values and behaviours are assistive in confronting shocks, crises and…
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Using variable rate irrigation to mitigate nutrient losses

Variable rate irrigation (VRI), where the application rate of irrigation water across an area changes depending on soil type and other factors, can also decrease…
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Agrivoltaics: Integrating Solar Energy Generation with Livestock Farming in the Canterbury Region of Aotearoa New Zealand (pre-print)

Agrivoltaics is the integration of agriculture and solar energy production and seeks to find synergies between the two to create a complementary system. With increased…
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If the climate is changing, will land use need to change?

The earth's surface has gradually been warming up since the beginning of the 20th century – by as much as 1C in some places. One…
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The Duke of Edinburgh (third from left) observes border dyke irrigation at the Winchmore Research Station Irrigation Scheme. In a border dyke irrigation system, when water is diverted from the main water races into smaller ones, a temporary dam must be created at the outlet to each border, so the water spills through onto pasture. In this image the outlet behind the worker in the water has been closed with a board, the pasture on the right of it has been flattened by the previous flow of water. The worker is lifting a corner of the canvas dam to allow water to flow down to the next temporary dam.

Linking Legacies to Wai

Accounting for lag times and natural concentrations of contaminants in groundwater
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Technical Report

Te Rito Hāpori: Integrating Medicinal Cannabis Outdoor Cropping Within Established Farming Operations in Southland

As an emerging option for farmers, commercial outdoor growing of medicinal cannabis remains a relatively new and somewhat untested endeavour, particularly in the Otago-Southland region.…
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A regional council application of tools – taking the road less travelled

NZ Freshwater Sciences Conference, December 2018
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