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We're finding pathways to future farming.
Our mission is to preserve the most fundamental treasures of Aotearoa – its land and water – while producing value from those same treasures.

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Technical Report

Nutrient density and food quality in the context of regenerative agriculture

The connection between regenerative agriculture and food quality is explored in this report. “Although direct evidence is limited, there is strong suggestions from the broader…
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The Collaboration Lab

The Collaboration Lab

Determining the role of collaboration in transforming management of land and water
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Journal Article

Mitigation of phosphorus, sediment and Escherichia coli losses in runoff from a dairy farm roadway

Dairy cow deposits on farm roadways are a potential source of contaminants entering streams. Phosphorus (P), suspended sediment (SS) and Escherichia coli (E. coli) loads…
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A Heuristic Method for Determining Changes of Source Loads to Comply with Water Quality Limits in Catchments

A common land and water management task is to determine where and by how much source loadings need to change to meet water quality limits…
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Journal Article

The Land Resource Circle: Supporting land-use decision making with an ecosystem-service-based framework of soil functions

Land information has in the past focused on the key land and soil properties that physically or chemically support or limit the use of land.…
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Interactive Tool

Yoghurt in Shanghai, China

Online tool to access and analyse results of a survey of yoghurt consumers in Shanghai about their consumer behaviour, preferences, technology use, understanding of Māori…
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Journal Article

A review of the development and implementation of the critical source area concept: A reflection of Andrew Sharpley’s role in improving water quality

Critical source areas (CSAs) are small areas of a field, farm, or catchment that account for most contaminant loss by having both a high contaminant…
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Technical Report

The viability, feasibility, and environmental effects from using New Zealand sourced phosphate

New Zealand has accessible, on-shore sources of phosphate, finds this report. There are known phosphate deposits in Clarendon, Otago (containing at least 1.6Mt of phosphate…
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