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We're finding pathways to future farming.
Our mission is to preserve the most fundamental treasures of Aotearoa – its land and water – while producing value from those same treasures.

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What You Can Do In Your Catchment

A catchment, or whaitua, is an area of land where rain flows into a common river, lake or other body of water. A healthy water…
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Technical Report

Dispersed forage feeding to minimise negative impacts on soil and water quality: Final report

This project has identified there is huge promise in the harvesting system, however a more detailed investigation is required to realise the full potential of…
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Journal Article

Reductive dissolution of phosphorus associated with iron oxides during saturation in an agricultural soil profile

In soils with a fragipan or poor permeability, water may remain in a soil profile long enough to make it anoxic and reductive. The reductive…
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Journal Article

How to improve water governance in multifunctional irrigation systems? Balancing stakeholder engagement in hydrosocial territories

An evidence-based analysis of stakeholder engagement in decision-making processes affecting multifunctional irrigation systems. The case studies show how stakeholder engagement in irrigation systems shapes hydrosocial…
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Register Of Land Management

Register of Land Management Actions

What's been done? A national record of land management actions to improve water quality and restore catchments
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Technical Report

Measurement of neon in groundwaters for quantification of denitrification in aquifers

Nitrate is the most pervasive contaminant in New Zealand's groundwaters. Thus, understanding and managing nitrogen loads through New Zealand's aquifers is vital for maintaining the…
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Technical Report

The AERU Data Portal: An Introduction

This report introduces the AERU Data Portal, which allows the user to access results from the AERU international consumer surveys in an interactive web-based platform,…
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Journal Article

Testing indicators of resilience for rural communities

The resilience of rural communities is a concern, both in itself and for its effects on the agricultural sector. This article investigates the possibility of…
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Awanui Huka Pak: Producing Kai in the Footprints of Our Forebears

Read about the largest Māori kiwifruit entity operating in Aotearoa, Awanui Huka Pak. Featuring the kōrero of Te Awanui Huka Pak chairperson, Ratahi Cross, we…
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