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The projects below have undertaken research Nationwide. This could be through partnerships, case studies, modelling or on-farm research.

Puhoro Stem

Pūhoro STEMM Academy

Our Land and Water is a primary sponsor of the Pūhoro STEMM Academy, a mentoring and support programme for Māori high school students.
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Measuring Denitrification In Groundwater

Measuring Denitrification

The development of a method for measuring denitrification is a first for New Zealand, providing vital data for understanding natural denitrification processes
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Predicting Agricultural Research

Predicting Agricultural Research Adoption

Using ADOPT (Adoption and Diffusion Outcome Prediction Tool) to determine time to peak levels of research adoption
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Assessing Contaminants with Stream Order

Determining whether excluding livestock from large streams in flat catchments would substantially decrease the contaminant load
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Phosphorus Best Practice

Investigating whether current fertiliser and effluent guidelines and policy are strong enough to prevent phosphorus loss
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Innovative Agricultural Microbiomes

Understanding and manipulating interactions between soil, plant and animal microbiomes to improve water quality and sustainable pastoral productivity
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Interoperable Modelling

Interoperable Modelling

Designing an open source modelling system to assess productivity potential and water quality contaminant dynamics at farm and catchment scales
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Regenerative Agriculture

Developing a framework to collect scientific evidence about regenerative agriculture in Aotearoa
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Reasons for Water Quality Improvement

Investigating the reasons for decreasing phosphorus concentrations in many waterways
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Story Kaitangita Hero

Storying Kaitiakitanga

Sharing kaitiakitanga values and practices in the Māori agricultural sector to enhance productivity and identify new niche markets
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Whenua Life Values

An online tool to assist Māori agribusiness in making strategic decisions within a kaupapa Māori framework
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