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Technical Report

EU Green Deal: Impact on New Zealand’s Land-based Primary Producers

Several areas of focus for the EU Green Deal are likely to pose significant challenges for New Zealand’s export sectors, not only directly in the…
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Digital Toolshed: Data Supermarket webinar

This webinar was held at 12:30pm on 31 May 2023. It explains how to use the Data Supermarket platform, which is accessible at The…
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Interactive Tool

Data Supermarket

The Data Supermarket is a repository of data about the ingredients, food and fibre we can grow in New Zealand, now and in the future.…
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Shared Values // The Value Chain Compass

Collective values, in both senses of the word ‘value’, act as glue in a value chain. Unless the value chain is able to create and…
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Incentives // The Value Chain Compass

As the name suggests, a value chain involves a series of linkages between the producers at one end of the chain and the final consumers…
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Consumer Focus // The Value Compass

The price final consumers are willing to pay drives all value in the value chain. Hence, a value chain needs to understand how different groups…
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Chain Leadership // The Value Chain Compass

A key responsibility of governance is chain leadership. Typically, one of the partners in the value chain acts as chain champion. The chain champion has…
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Scale // The Value Chain Compass

In the research programme’s case studies of emerging value chains, scale was one of the key decisions that had to be made by the chain…
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