The Māori world view (te ao Māori) acknowledges the interconnectedness and interrelationship of all living & non-living things

Te ao Māori

The Māori world view (te ao Māori) acknowledges the interconnectedness and interrelationship of all living and non-living things. This holistic approach, seeking to understand the total system, not just parts of it, is at the heart of the Our Land and Water Challenge.

We have an intergenerational duty to restore and increase the mauri (life force, vitality) of te Taiao (our land, water, climate, and all living communities).

Māori Land Stewards

Tools & resources Ngā utauta me ngā rauemi


Guide to Vision Mātauranga

The Guide to Vision Mātauranga was developed by the Rauika Māngai, an assembly of senior Māori representatives from across the National Science Challenges, for for…
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Technical Report

Te Pūtahitanga: A Tiriti-Led Science-Policy Approach for Aotearoa New Zealand

A multi-disciplinary group of Māori researchers produced this report recommending the appointment of Māori Chief Science Advisors and the development of Tiriti-based guidelines for science…
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A Wai 262 Best Practice Guide for Science partnerships with Kaitiaki for Research Involving Taonga

This guide is to help scientists and researchers ensure they are informed and understand the complexities of the Wai 262 claim. This resource can help…
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Māori-led Research Projects

Taiao Manawa Ora Purpose Led Change Turquoise Small Scaled

Revitalise Te Taiao

Place-based research to develop evidence-based examples of how agribusinesses and communities can make enduring changes in land use, management, value chains, and market focus to…
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This project has produced
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Pohewa Pae Tawhiti

Supporting land-use change decisions that are consistent with landowner long-range visions and priorities, through an integrated framework that incorporates tools, models and innovative guidelines and…
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Appropriate Use Of Taonga Species

Appropriate Use of Taonga Species

Exploring cultural licence to use indigenous organisms in high-value product development, to support emerging land-use opportunities for collectively owned Māori land
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Implementing Te Mana o Te Wai

Supporting iwi, hapū, water users, and decision-makers to understand and implement policy that prioritises Te Mana o te Wai
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Story Kaitangita Hero

Storying Kaitiakitanga

Sharing kaitiakitanga values and practices in the Māori agricultural sector to enhance productivity and identify new niche markets
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Whenua Life Values

An online tool to assist Māori agribusiness in making strategic decisions within a kaupapa Māori framework
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