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Te Pūtahitanga: A Tiriti-Led Science-Policy Approach for Aotearoa New Zealand

April 2021

A multi-disciplinary group of Māori researchers produced this report recommending the appointment of Māori Chief Science Advisors and the development of Tiriti-based guidelines for science and innovation funding. They write that the current way scientists and policymakers work with each other leaves little room for Māori participation or leadership, but that Te Tiriti offers a powerful framework for connecting communities of knowledge that are mutually beneficial. Other recommendations over the medium term include establishing an independent Mātauranga Māori entity, and developing regionally based Te Ao Māori policy hubs.

A major re-think of the science-policy interface is needed to reflect Te Ao Māori perspectives, aspirations, and priorities, says the report.

The report makes five key recommendations:

* Appoint Māori Chief Science Advisors in key departments
* Develop Tiriti-based guidelines for RSI funding
* Strengthen monitoring of Māori RSI investment and activity
* Establish a Mātauranga Māori entity with autonomous governance and baseline funding
* Develop a plan for regionally based Te Ao Māori policy hubs

Te Pūtahitanga was written by Māori researchers working across the RSI sector including from Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga, the Chief Science Advisor Forum, the Health Research Council and the National Science Challenges (Rauika Māngai). It has been backed by prominent Māori organisations including the New Zealand Māori Council, the Māori Women’s Welfare League, Te Ohu Kaimoana, Te K?hui Raraunga, and Te Mana Raraunga Māori Data Sovereignty Network.

The report follows the recent publication of A guide to Vision Mātauranga: Lessons from Māori voices in the New Zealand science sector by Rauika Māngai.

Report for the Rauika Māngai

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