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People who work in NGOs can grow understanding of land and water science in our communities, enabling the well-informed conversations that create transformational change. These resources are based on impartial, robust evidence from Aotearoa New Zealand’s best agricultural and environmental scientists.

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Assessing the Effectiveness of On-Farm Mitigation Actions

This research summary describes how effective on-farm mitigations have been so far, by comparing losses of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and sediment in 1995 and…
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The Matrix of Drivers 2016: Driving Better Investment and Accelerating Impact Through a Prioritisation Matrix

This report presents the first stage of an overview of international and national drivers which have the potential to affect land use change and/or practice.…
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The Matrix of Drivers: 2018 Update

The Matrix of Drivers draws upon 650 unique sources of information (494 international and 156 domestic) of academic, industry, regulatory and legislative origin. This 2019…
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What You Can Do In The City

We are all guardians of New Zealand’s land and water. At home and work, even in the city, there are lots of big and small…
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The Matrix of Drivers: 2019 Update

This 2019 report identifies key trends and challenges with potential to impact land use in New Zealand, prioritised by primary sector leaders, with open access…
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Journal Article

Implications of water quality policy on land use: A case study of the approach in NZ

Achieving good water quality through output controls is difficult. The New Zealand Government recently proposed enforceable bottom lines to protect ecosystem health of 1 mg…
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More diverse, resilient, healthy landscapes by 2030 – webinar

Farmers, growers and all those who care for our land want to help build a resilient, healthy and thriving agri-food and fibre system. The role…
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Technical Report

Barriers to Environmental Change

Farming in New Zealand is changing. The environmental impacts of farming are presenting more interlinked challenges. The pressure is on farmers to shift from the…
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What the data tells us about our water

By bringing together multiple data sources, we can now see which catchments are under the most pressure, and whether applying all known and emerging on-farm…
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Connecting communities for effective farm plans – webinar

Land use intensification and the degradation of water quality was enabled by a system that considered all farms separately, despite their cumulative effects on water…
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