10:30am, Tuesday 14 May

Data Sharing Opportunities & Insights


10:30am, Tuesday 14 May


via Zoom

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Our Land and Water

What are the stumbling blocks to data sharing in Aotearoa?
Sharing farmer data between primary sector organisations and government agencies is a long-held goal of farmers and a current government pre-election policy. It could save farmers significant time and effort and open up data-driven innovations and market advantages for our primary sector.

If everyone wants data sharing, why haven’t data sharing agreements had much success so far?  
A new report provides insights into data sharing agreements, and presents a fresh approach and tool for analysis that might help pave the way for greater success in negotiating successful agreements in future.

This Beef + Lamb Genetics and Scarlatti joint webinar with Q&A and a panel discussion took place on Tuesday 14th May at 10:30am, introducing the tool, answering questions, and with audience input and feedback.


  • Gavin McEwen
  • Adam Barker
  • Dan Brier
  • Will Noble

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