Let’s Talk Solutions

11–12 April 2017

Lincoln University, Christchurch

Guest Speakers

Reinventing paradise... in the Anthropocene

Rod Oram, journalist and Symposium MC

The challenges of New Zealand agribusiness, value chains and international trade

Ian Proudfoot, Global Head of Agribusiness, KPMG

The challenges for innovative and resilient land and water use in New Zealand

The challenges of collaborative capacity of land and water management in New Zealand

Kevin Hackwell, Group Manager Campaigns and Advocacy, Forest and Bird

Hugh Logan, Department of Environmental Management, Lincoln University

Precision agriculture in New Zealand

Craige MacKenzie

A possible future of dairy farming in New Zealand

Russ Tillman

A science roadmap for New Zealand’s primary industry

Ian Ferguson

New Zealand’s conservation and environmental science roadmap

Ken Hughey

Our Land and Water speakers

Overview of the Challenge

Ken Taylor, Director of Our Land and Water National Science Challenge

Challenge Strategy and Theme Structure

Rich McDowell, Chief Scientist of Our Land and Water National Science Challenge

Vision Matauranga progress in the Challenge

Tanira Kingi, Vision Mātauranga leader of Our Land and Water National Science Challenge

Greater Value in Global Markets: Theme


Caroline Saunders

Distribution of value across the value chain

Paul Dalziel

Developing a Mātauranga framework for better land and water use - Mauri Whenua Ora

Merata Kawharu

The value of a rural bioeconomy

Anita Wreford

Innovative and Resilient Land and Water Use: Theme


Mike Beare and Chris Tanner

Sources and Flows

Richard Muirhead

Interoperable Modelling

Tim Davie

Measuring De-nitrification

Rob van der Raaij and Heather Martindate

Benign Denitrification

Ranvir Singh

Cascade of Soil Erosion

Simon Vale

Land Use Suitability

Scott Larned

Next Generation Systems

Robyn Dynes

Genomics, Soil-Plant-Animal Microbiome

Graeme Attwood

Aligned programme, Sustainable Agro-ecosystems

Mike Beare

Collaborative Capacity: Theme


James Turner

The transformative role of collaboration in managing our land and water

Melissa Robson

Resilient Rural Communities (AgResearch Aligned programme)

Bill Kaye-Blake

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