31 May 2023, 12.30pm

Digital Toolshed: Data Supermarket


31 May 2023, 12.30pm


via Zoom

Hosted by:

Our Land and Water

We can grow a much greater range of food and fibre in New Zealand. But what will grow well, where? 

The Data Supermarket is a new online repository of data about the ingredients, food and fibre we can grow in New Zealand, now and in the future. 

This reliable and robust data is freely available to everyone planning or providing advice on land-use options in New Zealand. The wide range of new datasets provide a broad understanding of the benefits and consequences of many land use opportunities. GIS software and skills are required to use the spatial data once it has been downloaded. 

This information is now accessible at landuseopportunities.nz

This webinar was held at 12:30pm on 31 May 2023.

A large team of researchers from multiple institutes and scientific disciplines produced these datasets as part of the Land Use Opportunities: Whitiwhiti Ora research programme funded by the Our Land and Water National Science Challenge

This webinar is the first of a new monthly series that will guide you through how to get the best from Our Land and Water's ‘Digital Toolshed' of research-backed resources and decision-support tools.

These practical webinars will demonstrate what a tool does, who it's for, how to use it, and when and where use is appropriate.

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