Pūhoro STEMM Academy

Our Land and Water is a primary sponsor of the Pūhoro STEMM Academy, a mentoring and support programme for Māori high school students.

What We Are Doing

Our Land and Water is a primary sponsor of the Pūhoro STEM Academy, a mentoring and support programme for Māori high school students to support pathways to science, technology, engineering or mathematics careers. There were 800 Pūhoro students in the 2019 academic year, affiliated to 85 iwi, across 27 high schools and 7 universities.

The Pūhoro STEM Academy is hosted by Massey University. It starts at Year 11 and provides sustained support for Māori pupils, through their NCEA levels onto university and ultimately into the workforce.

The students get an hour of mentoring a week and attend a full-day wānanga (seminar) each term, gaining access to university laboratories and teaching. The programme's curriculum results have exceeded the national averages at the NCEA level.

Students that have completed high school in the programme have been accepted to many New Zealand universities. Tertiary students in the programme tutor the high school students.

In 2019, ESR commissioned an analysis of the Pūhoro programme. This report focused on the potential economic value from increased tertiary education at a bachelor's degree level. Based on the increase in enrolments and accounting for the average pass rates, the net potential economic benefits for one cohort of the Pūhoro programme (at its most conservative level) are $13,380,000.

The Academy welcomes contact from potential partners, sponsors, and organisations wishing to host a summer intership or work experience opportunity.


Naomi Manu, Pūhoro STEM Academy


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