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Future Proteins: Risk or opportunity for Māori agribusiness?

March 2024

Agriculture is woven into Aotearoa New Zealand’s national identity. A future that embraces alternative methods of accessing proteins has the potential for significant disruption at all levels of our society. however this also brings with it unique opportunities.

This 4-page summary looks at two key areas:

  • What are the opportunities from a shift to any of the viable options for alternative proteins, to address social, environmental, cultural, and economic issues associated with ruminant-based agriculture systems for New Zealand?
  • What is the implication of such a shift in food production for Māori (producers and consumers) and how does this fit within te ao Māori?

The summary identifies some key risks and several opportunities for Māori agribusiness.

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Source: Protein Futures: Future Scenarios for Land-Use in Aotearoa New Zealand Synthesis Report. Jon Manhire, Dr Christopher Rosin, Prof Hugh Campbell, Prof Miranda Mirosa, Dr Simon Barber, Prof Rob Burton, Prof Klaus Mittenzwei, Dr John Reid, Stuart Ford, Sarah O`Connell, Kate Tomlinson, Ann Moriarty, Angus Sinclair Thompson, Brent Paehua, Dr John Saunders. March 2024. https://ourlandandwater.nz/outputs/protein-futures-future-scenarios-for-land-use-in-aotearoa-nz-report

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