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Soil erosion losses and contributions from underlying sources/causes

Regional maps of modelled soil loss from surface erosion across Aotearoa New Zealand are provided in .tif fomat for use in GIS. These large .zip files (use 7-zip or…
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Using farm dairy effluent on free-draining soils

Additional measures, on top of regulations and industry good practice and guidelines, may be needed to minimise P losses from FDE applied to free-draining soils.…
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Journal Article

Assessing soil health following conversion from forestry to pasture in Canterbury

Soil health was assessed across land conversions from forestry (Pinus radiata) to irrigated dairy pasture. Samples were collected and indicators of soil fertility, organic matter,…
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A Global Database of Soil Plant Available Phosphorus

Soil phosphorus drives food production that is needed to feed a growing global population. However, knowledge of plant available phosphorus stocks at a global scale…
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Factors controlling shallow subsurface dissolved reactive phosphorus concentration and loss kinetics from poorly drained saturated grassland soils

Shallow subsurface pathways dominate dissolved reactive phosphorus (DRP) losses in grassland soils that are: poorly drained, shallow, or have a perched water table in wetter…
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A new robust hybrid model based on support vector machine and firefly meta-heuristic algorithm to predict pistachio yields and select effective soil variables

Pistachio production is an economically important crop that grows in arid environments. To predict yield and sustainably manage the use of natural resources such as…
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New test for biological soil health

A quick way to assess the biological health of soil has been developed using molecular techniques to measure earthworm activity, but this needs more work…
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Technical Report

Biological test of soil health using molecular techniques: Final report

During the feasibility stage of the project, we were able to identify suitable primers for the most common earthworms found within each earthworm ecological group…
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Technical Report

Dispersed forage feeding to minimise negative impacts on soil and water quality: Final report

This project has identified there is huge promise in the harvesting system, however a more detailed investigation is required to realise the full potential of…
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