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Project Summary: High-Performance Soils for Avocados

December 2021

This article summarises the results of a Rural Professionals Fund project that aimed to collect leaf, fruit and soil samples from 29 different avocado orchards across the north, with various soil types, and assess their chemical, physical and biological soil characteristics to find a correlation between these characteristics and high yields. Soil testing results from three laboratories, which use different methodologies, were comparedy. None of the biological parameters that were tested correlated well to avocado yield. All text in this article is licensed for re-use under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

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Source: Orchard soil characterisation. Tony Bradley (Aongatete Avocado), Sarah Sorensen and Miguel Tapia (NZ Avocado) and Declan Graham (Plant & Food Research). RPF report, August 2021

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