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Supporting complex decisions on land-use change

January 2022

A framework to support making major decisions about on-farm change is described in a short Research Findings Brief, for farmers, growers, farm consultants, rural professionals and policy makers. This framework can help land managers be more certain that land-use change decisions are likely to meet their needs and concerns.

Contact Alan Renwick at Lincoln University to find out more about accessing and using the MCDM tool.

Key points

  • This research plays a part in understanding, supporting and encouraging land-use change, specifically to ‘next generation systems’. Next-generation farm systems (such as redesigned or redeveloped systems and enterprises, new or novel enterprises, and new technologies) aim to reduce food production’s environmental footprint and maintain or increase profit.
  • Deciding on land-use changes is a complex process that differs for every individual or group.
  • Phase 1 of the Next Generation Systems programme developed, tested and applied a multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) framework for supporting decision making about land-use change. The MCDM framework provides the ability to simultaneously consider multiple assessment criteria.
  • Researchers worked with different types of land managers who were considering land-use changes.

Research Findings Brief prepared by Our Land and Water

3068 KB | Adobe Acrobat PDF File

Source: Challenges and Opportunities for Land Use. Transformation: Insights from the Central Plains. Water Scheme in New Zealand. Alan Renwick, Robyn. Dynes, Paul Johnstone, Warren King, Lania Holt,. Jemma Penelope. Sustainability, September 2019.. doi.org/10.3390/su11184912
Applying a Multi-Criteria Decision Making. Framework to Facilitate Adoption of Next. Generation Land-Use Systems in New Zealand. Alan. Renwick, Jemma Penelope, Robyn Dynes, Warren. King, Paul Johnstone, Lania Holt. NZARES – AARES One. day forum, August 2018, Wellington
Next generation systems: a framework for prioritising innovation. Alan Renwick, Anita Wreford, Robyn Dynes, Paul Johnstone, Grant Edwards, Carolyn Hedley, Warren King, Peter Clinton. Science and policy: nutrient management challenges for the next
generation, Occasional Report No 30, Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre, 2017
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Beyond Sustainable Intensification: Transitioning Primary Sectors through Reconfiguring Land-Use. Karen Bayne, Alan Renwick. Sustainability, March 2021. doi.org/10.3390/su13063225
Applying a Multi-Criteria Decision Making Framework to Facilitate Adoption of Next Generation Land-Use Systems under review, not yet published
Balancing the Push and Pull factors of Land-Use Change: A New Zealand Case-Study. Alan Renwick, Robyn Dynes, Paul Johnstone, Warren King, Lania Holt, Jemma Penelope. Regional Environmental Change, February 2022. doi.org/10.1007/s10113-021-01865-0

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