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Healthy Waterways Register Webinar

August 2023

The Healthy Waterways Land Management Actions Register is for all land holders, land managers, kaitiaki and catchment groups who sustainably manage their lands.

This register is New Zealand’s national database that allows you to record and report land management actions that help improve waterway health. Knowing the extent of these actions at catchment level will allow us, eventually, to link the actions done on land to improved water quality outcomes.

The register presents information at a catchment scale, recognising the confidentiality and privacy of individual property owners. It is also set up to receive data from catchment collectives, industries and councils. Compiled catchment information will contribute to a new module being developed for the Land Air Water Aotearoa (LAWA) platform.

This webinar provides the opportunity to learn more about how to utilise this tool to support your strategy.

This tool is now accessible at healthywaterways.nz and was developed using research from the Register of Land Management Actions project.

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