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Futureproofing Māori Land Trusts (video series)

October 2023

Succession planning is challenging for many farms, but multi-enerational dynamics, geographically dispersed whanau, and complex governance structures add extra challenges for Māori  Trusts. This small research project involved two case study Trusts whose trustees, aged from late-60s to late-80s, were under pressure to identify successors and ensure the transfer of whenua management and governance responsibilities. These Trusts had begun a futureproofing journey, having explored land use opportunities to complement their existing agribusinesses. This project developed an implementation plan for each Trust, matching their identified land use opportunities with the next generation of kaitiaki, and modelling a process for other Whenua Trusts.

Read the project report: https://ourlandandwater.nz/outputs/bridging-whenua-enhancement-plans-with-the-next-generation-of-kaitiaki/

Source: Bridging whenua enhancement plans with the next generation of Kaitiaki (Ahika, February 2023)

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