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Bridging whenua enhancement plans with the next generation of Kaitiaki

February 2023

In this research project funded by Our Land and Water, we worked with two case-study incorporations located in Otago, New Zealand to explore the barriers that whānau face in reconnecting with their whenua, and to develop a futureproofing implementation plan and strategies for promoting successful reconnection.

To support the development of the implementation plans, whānau perspectives and preferences on different land use opportunities for diversification were explored through the use of the 1000minds tool, developed by Paul Hansen and Franz Ombler from the University of Otago.

The biggest barriers identified from the survey process were whānau commitments, health and mobility issues, lack of accommodation, work commitments and the cost of travel. To address these barriers and support the development of a succession pipeline, the following themes
were explored:

1) A team approach for whānau, hapū, and rūnanga;

2) Incorporation of customary leadership values into future kaitiaki roles and structures;

3) The requirement for kin-responsibility, and how this can influence whenua-related decisions;

4) The importance of mana and manaakitanga in decision-making and planning.

The cultivation of successors, development of a shared vision, and support and mentoring of rangatahi to take on leadership roles in the community were highlighted as key pathways for Komiti.

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