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Data Supermarket

The Data Supermarket is a repository of data about the ingredients, food and fibre we can grow in New Zealand, now and in the future.

It includes information about a wide variety of vegetable, fruit, arable, animal, plant and tree crops, plus climate and economic data. The wide range of new datasets provide a broad understanding of the benefits and consequences of many land use opportunities.

Datasets contain information on suitability, yield maps, climate change impacts and economic information. This reliable and robust data is freely available to help New Zealand’s primary sector identify a much greater range of suitable land opportunities.

These are national-scale data and are suitable for screening and to help inform conversation. This data could be used to create a short-list of potential land-use options that may be feasible, to consider as candidates for in-depth business cases from local experts.

Each dataset includes information about its limitations and how the data was produced, and most include GIS layers. Access to GIS software is required to use these.

Data is open-access and suitable for New Zealand use only. The information can be downloaded for use in third-party tools.

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