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Interactive Tool

Agrivoltaics assessment tool for Canterbury farmers

Do you have an interest in knowing if your property is suitable for solar? Agrivoltaics is the integration of solar and agricultural activities. It offers…
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Agrivoltaics opportunities in Aotearoa New Zealand

This video for rural landowners in New Zealand, particularly those on sheep and beef farmland, is to help raise awareness of the possibility of agrivoltaics…
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Farming with the sun: Agrivoltaics from a farming perspective

Listen to an international panel of farmers, who have integrated agrivoltaics into their farming businesses, share their experiences and key learnings. The webinar concludes with…
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Agrivoltaics webinar: Effectively integrating livestock and solar energy production

A webinar addressing the legal and consenting considerations associated with agrivoltaics in Aotearoa New Zealand. The webinar brought together a panel of industry experts including…
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Agrivoltaics and Te Ao Māori

Mavis Mullins (Rangitāne, Atihaunua a Pāpārangi), chair of Nga Whenua Rahui, discussons how lessons from the past can inform decisions about the use of agrivoltaics…
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Environmental Law and Agrivoltaics

Professor Catherine Iorns, of Victoria University of Wellington School of Law, discusses the RMA process for agrivoltaics, when the public get involved in the consenting…
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An Introduction to Agrivoltaics

An overview of agrivoltaics, combining food production with solar energy production. Featuring Jasper Kueppers, a renewable energy engineer at Infratec, farm consultant Anna Vaughan, Professor…
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Journal Article

Agrivoltaics: Integrating Solar Energy Generation with Livestock Farming in the Canterbury Region of Aotearoa New Zealand (pre-print)

Agrivoltaics is the integration of agriculture and solar energy production and seeks to find synergies between the two to create a complementary system. With increased…
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Technical Report

Agrivoltaics: Integrating Solar Energy Generation with Livestock Farming in Canterbury

With increased interest in energy generation of utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in Aotearoa New Zealand, agrivoltaics provides the opportunity to increase the productivity of…
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