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The projects below have undertaken research in Marlborough. This could be through partnerships, case studies, modelling or on-farm research.

Shared Vision Marlborough

Shared Vision for Land Use in Marlborough

Place-based diversification: How can we develop pathways to transition to diversified shared landscapes?
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New Models Of Collective Responsibility

New Models of Collective Responsibility

Developing new ways to strengthen the connection between people, land and water
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Appropriate Use Of Taonga Species

Appropriate Use of Taonga Species

Exploring cultural licence to use indigenous organisms in high-value product development, to support emerging land-use opportunities for collectively owned Māori land
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Monitoring Freshwater Improvement Actions

Monitoring the effectiveness of interventions and mitigation actions on freshwater improvement
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Implementing Te Mana o Te Wai

Supporting iwi, hapū, water users, and decision-makers to understand and implement policy that prioritises Te Mana o te Wai
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Tukituki River and Te Mata Peak. Photo: Phillip Capper via Flickr

Synthesis Scenarios for Future Land Use

Steering land use change to meet water quality targets, through the synthesis of Our Land and Water research
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Shutterstock 1031980621New Zealand, South Island, pine forest near Wakefield in the north of the south island.

Visualising Forestry Harvesting Cycles

Future risk planning through the visualisation of forestry harvesting cycles
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