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Winning the Green Premium: Red Meat Sector webinar

March 2023

Red meat consumers are demanding ever-greater sustainability in their food choices. That comes with a financial cost. How can producers earn more to cover these new costs? In this webinar, we explore how the New Zealand red meat sector is winning the ‘green premium’ by working with suppliers, communities, retailers and consumers to find greater value – and then re-investing that premium in sustainable production. This webinar was held on Tuesday 21 March, featuring:

  • Michael Wan, Beef + Lamb NZ
  • Mandy Bell, Criffell Station and DINZ
  • Prof Paul Dalziel, Agribusiness & Economic Research Unit
  • Vincent Heeringa, MC

Read our webinar summary here: https://ourlandandwater.nz/news/winning-the-green-premium-for-the-red-meat-sector/

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