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Webinar: Where next for catchment groups?

April 2023

In this webinar, Jim Sinner, manager of social science at Cawthron Institute, presents findings from research on how catchment groups can be supported and encouraged to protect and enhance local waterways.

There are many different expectations about what catchment groups can and should do, creating a risk of misunderstanding and uncoordinated activity. This webinar presents recommendations to help bridge the different perspectives to improve alignment and increase effectiveness. We also highlight a significant opportunity for catchment groups, land users and tangata whenua to work together on their shared goals.

Read a summary of the findings here. Read the full report here. Find additional responses to the Q&A here (PDF).

Source: Where next for catchment groups? Lifting ambition and gearing up for the long game – a guidance report. Prepared for Our Land and Water National Science Challenge. Cawthron Report No. 3881. 33 p. plus appendices. March 2023. https://ourlandandwater.nz/outputs/where-next-for-catchment-groups/

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