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Value Compass interactive

This interactive compass presents results of research that identified nine key elements of successful agri-food value chains from New Zealand. To learn more about each element in the Value Chain Compass, please click on the relevant segment in the figure.

The research team worked with four private sector enterprises who were engaged in creating a new value chain for a land-based product sourced from New Zealand. This work produced a final list of nine key characteristics:
1. Collective values
2. Consumer focus
3. Product quality
4. Chain leadership
5. Value co-creation
6. Information
7. Incentives
8. Scale
9. Risk

Further work organised these key characteristics into a diagram that we are calling the Value Chain Compass.

The Value Chain Compass offers a guide for enterprises wanting to create a new value chain, or to transform an existing supply chain into a value chain.

Source: Creating Value for New Zealand Agri-food Exports: Moving from supply chains to value chains. Tiffany McIntyre, Paul Dalziel, Caroline Saunders, John Reid, Reina Tamepo, Sylvia Tapuke and Marie-Claire Brehaut. Presentation, May 2022.

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