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Introducing The Value Chain Compass

December 2022

New research has revealed how New Zealand producers are creating higher returns from sustainably produced primary products. In some cases that premium is perceived to be 20–100% greater than non-sustainably produced equivalents.

The research from the Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit (AERU), funded by the Our Land Water National Science Challenge, sought to identify the common attributes of successful primary sector exporters. It covers multiple sectors including honey, wine, dairy, beef, fruit, even jewellery plus an emerging cosmetics brand, as well as Māori-owned and family-owned businesses.

This research is summarised in this video, with case studies and commentary.

Source: Creating Value for New Zealand Agri-food Exports: Moving from supply chains to value chains. Tiffany McIntyre, Paul Dalziel, Caroline Saunders, John Reid, Reina Tamepo, Sylvia Tapuke and Marie-Claire Brehaut. AERU Research Briefing 22-02 (May 2022)

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