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The Matrix of Drivers: Online Tool

This online tool presents what agrifood experts think are the greatest issues and pressures influencing land use change in New Zealand.

Developed by the Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit (AERU) at Lincoln University, the tool presents recently updated (2022) results of a national survey examining the key trends and challenges likely to impact land use in New Zealand, as prioritised by primary sector experts.

Survey participants were first asked to freely list the most critical issues with potential to influence New Zealand land-use change or practice, both unprompted and with prompting (i.e. choosing from a list of issues).

The Matrix of Drivers Online Tool allows users to explore the results, customising these by filtering by participants’ sector, knowledge of markets, and level of experience in the following areas: environmental policy; international markets; R&D/innovation; trade policy; and other domestic areas.

The tool is also scheduled to be updated with a third and final survey, to be completed before the end of 2023.

This tool adds to a canon of online tools examining international consumer preferences for New Zealand’s top-exported food products, and is completely free to use.

Source: The Matrix of Drivers: 2022 Update

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