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Regenerative Agriculture: Measuring What Works, Where It Matters

November 2021

The 5th webinar in a series of 5 about regenerative agriculture in New Zealand, held on 23 November 2021. Speakers: Mike Taitoko (Toha Foundry), Dr Fiona Curran-Cournane (Ministry for the Environment), Dr Charles Merfield (BHU Future Farming Centre), Dr Ina Pinxterhuis (Dairy NZ), Dr Gwen Grelet (Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research)

This webinar discussed 4 reports that consider how to monitor and measure any benefits to New Zealand from regenerative agriculture, particularly in response to region-specific issues and opportunities, and provide an overview of how to assess the impact of regenerative agriculture on farm businesses.

The adoption of regenerative agriculture principles might yield greater benefits in some areas of New Zealand – for example, in places that are already experiencing intense climatic challenges, or where communities are already working together and uphold strong land-stewardship principles. From mountains to sea, land managers and scientists could work together to understand whether such benefits are real – and assess how substantial any benefits might be, now and in the future.

In this webinar, various ways of working together will be explored in multiple contexts, from vegetable production in Pukekohe, to improving farm systems for better nurturing of our precious freshwater.

Read a summary of the 4 reports and find links to the reports here: https://ourlandandwater.nz/news/regen-research-will-benefit-some-regions-more-than-others-report/. Find all webinars in the series, plus short audiograms, here: https://vimeo.com/showcase/8962469

Source: Place-based approaches for regenerative agriculture research (Curran-Cournane et al, 2021)
New Zealand's monitoring frameworks for agricultural sustainability and assurance (Merfield, 2021)
Research strategies relevant to regenerative agriculture (Grelet, 2021)
The One World, One Health framework and its relevance to farming – a perspective piece (Dewes and Tapsell, 2021)

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