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Protein future scenarios: Infographics

December 2023

Three infographics depict the environmental, economic, and selected regional outcomes of four scenarios based on different rates of technological advancement for the main alternative protein technologies, with associated growth in consumer demand and land-use change in Aotearoa.

Source: Protein Futures: Future Scenarios for Land-Use in Aotearoa New Zealand Synthesis Report. Jon Manhire, Dr Christopher Rosin, Prof Hugh Campbell, Prof Miranda Mirosa, Dr Simon Barber, Prof Rob Burton, Prof Klaus Mittenzwei, Dr John Reid, Stuart Ford, Sarah O`Connell, Kate Tomlinson, Ann Moriarty, Angus Sinclair Thompson, Brent Paehua, Dr John Saunders. March 2024. https://ourlandandwater.nz/outputs/protein-futures-future-scenarios-for-land-use-in-aotearoa-nz-report

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