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Designing Freshwater Monitoring Programmes to Detect Early Improvement

August 2021

This short guidance document is to support the design of freshwater monitoring programmes to detect early improvement and is for regional councils, government, and multi-agency catchment groups.

This guidance summarises the work of two working groups convened by the Our Land and Water National Science Challenge. This document includes considerations for designing freshwater monitoring programmes, a recommended 5-step process, describes the key elements of the Mitigation Effectiveness Monitoring Design Framework, and outlines what is required to implement improved freshwater monitoring programmes in New Zealand.

Considerations For Designing Freshwater Monitoring Programmes

  • Monitoring programmes must detect early improvement.
  • We need more than ‘State of the Environment’ monitoring.
  • Regional councils need to adopt new technologies.
  • New technologies must have high-quality guidelines for use.

Guidance prepared by Our Land and Water (Toitū te Whenua, Toiora te Wai) National Science Challenge, New Zealand

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Source: Ausseil, O., Clapcott J.E., Etheridge Z., Hamilton D., Linke S., Matheson F., Ramsden M., Ruru I., Selbie D., Tanner C., Whitehead A., Bradley A. (2021). Measuring the benefits of management actions: Mitigation effectiveness Monitoring Design, Proof of Concept development phase.
Rogier Westerhoff, Richard McDowell, James Brasington, Mark Hamer, Kohji Muraoka, Maryam Alavi, Richard Muirhead, Abigail Lovett, Ian Ruru, Blair Miller, Neale Hudson, Moritz Lehmann, Maiwenn Herpe, James King, Magali Moreau, Olivier Ausseil (in pre-press, 2021). Towards Implementation of Robust Monitoring Technologies alongside Freshwater Improvement Policy in Aotearoa New Zealand. Environmental Science and Policy.
Ross Monaghan, Andrew Manderson, Les Basher, Raphael Spiekermann, John Dymond, Chris Smith, Hans Eikaas , Richard Muirhead, David Burger, Richard McDowell (2020). Quantifying contaminant losses to water from pastoral land uses in New Zealand II. The effects of some farm mitigation actions over the past two decades. NZ Journal of Agricultural Research.

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