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Demand & Supply: Trends and Risks of Imported Feed

February 2024

The global price and availability of supplementary feeds – grain and PKE – have significant implications for New Zealand livestock farmers. Recenty completed research assessed the current international grain markets, risks, and the future of imported feed in New Zealand.

Recent global events, including climatic shifts, shipping issues, and geopolitical tensions have driven international feed prices to new highs, putting New Zealand’s reliance on imported grain for livestock feed under the microscope.

AgFirst’s new report on the Implications of Global Price and Supply of Supplementary Feeds examines the state of grain internationally and what it means for New Zealand livestock farmers. Below, report co-author Raewyn Densley discusses the analysis.

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Source: Implications of global price and supply of supplementary feeds on the New Zealand agricultural sector. https://doi.org/10.57935/AGR.26001721.v1

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