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An introduction and guide to the ‘alternative agricultures’: an enquiry into values

September 2021

This report provides a short history of ‘alternative agricultures’ to show where regenerative agriculture has emerged from – and tackles the interesting question of whether any farming system can be called ‘scientific’ or ‘unscientific’.

The report’s aim is to give an introduction and be a guide to the alternative agricultures (alt-ags) for people who have some general knowledge of agriculture but are somewhat bewildered by the many different alt-ags, what they are about, why there are so many, and the problems with mainstream agriculture they are trying to address. It does this to provide context in all forms, e.g., historical, philosophical, practical, for the emergence of Regenerative Agriculture, which to a considerable extent stands on the shoulders of the other alt-ags. The report is definitely not a critical or deep analysis, nor a systemic review. It also does not aim to pass judgment or define the farming systems. As such it only aims to be an informed reflection on the topic, backed up, when relevant, with references to academic and grey literature, with the aim of providing a simple overview of the alt-ags.

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