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New Zealand’s future depends on the wellbeing of our land and water. Working with local communities is critical to our success

Researchers, communities, regional councils and land owners need to work together as guardians of our land and water.

Each of Our Land and Water’s research projects involves communities, through workshops, meetings, presentations, surveys, communication or education. Here is where we take it further.

To achieve our goals, we need to grow public understanding of land and water science and the principles of kaitiakitanga. We must also build capability for future science and industry leadership.

Explore the initiatives below, and together we can accelerate science to improve our land and water for the next generation.

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Future Leaders


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future leaders

Next Generation Influencers

This is a one-year programme to develop the capability of influential, innovative future leaders

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future leaders

Pūhoro STEM Academy

Our Land and Water is a primary sponsor of the Pūhoro STEM Academy, a mentoring and support programme for Māori high school students

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Funding Opportunities

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Research Opportunities

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