By growing understanding of land and water science in our communities, we enable the well-informed conversations and collaborations that create transformational change. For this change to be sustainable, it’s crucial to involve our young people

Pūhoro STEMM Academy

Our Land and Water is supporting and growing tomorrow’s scientists, influencers and leaders by sponsoring the Pūhoro STEMM Academy, a mentoring and support programme for Māori high school students who are interested in taking up science careers. Read about some of future researchers coming out of the Pūhoro STEMM Academy here.

Teacher resources

There are many free learning resources and modules for teachers that may spark children’s interest in a later career in agri-science. Note that most of these resources have been created with funding from industry partners, and the source of funding may sometimes influence the resource created. A critical lens should be applied by teacher and students.

For school leavers

The primary sector needs innovative young people on farms and within agribusinesses. Below are some opportunities for students to learn more and discover scholarship opportunities.

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