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Tools for: Land Owners

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Kohuratia Web Tool to Identify Priority Actions for Agribusiness

The Kohuratia website provides agribusiness and farms in Aotearoa New Zealand with a snapshot of their current constraints and opportunities. Enter data about your organisation's values, current performance, capabilities and capacity, and the tool generates a series of priority actions that will help optimise economic, social and environmental outcomes. Kohuratia was developed for Māori agribusiness but can be used for any farm and has been tested with Pakehā farmers.



Overseer enables farmers and growers to improve nutrient use on farms, delivering better environmental outcomes.



Built on a detailed farm map, MitAgator’s software gives a spatial view of where contaminant losses are occurring and identifies critical source areas. This allows mitigation scenarios to be validated and targeted more precisely, improving their cost-effectiveness.


Farm Environment Plans

Widely recognised as good business practice, Farm Environment Plans area visible indication of sustainable activity on farm. They are likely to become compulsory for all farms over time. Beef and Lamb NZ has useful templates for all farming systems.


Cultural Impact Assessment

Part of the Māori resource management landscape under the RMA, Cultural Impact Assessments (CIA) are a primary tool to assist in determining the effect of any proposal on the environment, culture or values as they might be understood by Māori interests. A CIA illuminates the cultural values underpinning a resource and its potential or actual use.

Note that views on appropriate tools will vary between rohe and mana whenua, and tools are not a substitute for collaboration and relationship building with local whānau and hapū.



LAWA is an online map that collates and presents information from regional councils on fresh water and beach water quality, air quality and land cover. It helps local communities and individuals understand and connect with environmental information. The ‘Can I Swim Here’ tool is popular.


Multi-criteria decision-making framework

This land-use assessment framework has been developed by Next Generation Systems to explore opportunities for adopting more suitable land use and to identify gaps in knowledge. It uses multi-criteria decision-making to simultaneously consider multiple domains, where selection of best alternatives is highly complex, context-specific and deeply personal. Please email Alan Renwick to discuss using the tool.


Method to Optimise Catchment Management Actions for Water Quality

Land Use Suitability research has developed a method to identify the most appropriate management actions for aquatic ecosystems. This method provides a valuable decision support strategy to optimise catchment management actions toward a water quality objective.


SDF Curves for Drought in New Zealand

Sources and Flows research modelled drought duration-severity distribution and frequency to generate SDF curves for six locations in different climatic regions. Modelling of soil drainage at these sites indicated 35% to 80% more drainage peaks than expected, suggesting better monitoring of soil moisture and scheduling of irrigation is required. The SDF curves provide a comprehensive understanding of occurrence and duration of dry conditions, and can be a useful tool for developing strategies for water management.


Guidance on Stock Exclusion from Smaller Streams

Assessing Contaminants with Stream Order research discovered that fencing only large streams to exclude stock has less effect on freshwater quality than expected. Small, steeply sloping streams contribute, on average, 77% of the load of freshwater contaminants. To substantially reduce contaminant losses, stock should be excluded from small, steeply sloping streams. This research can be used by local government to determine policy to improve the quality of fresh water.

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